My GMAT game plan

When I started on this conquest, I was high on enthusiasm. Now as the circumstances are getting just a little trying, I am beginning to lose it but that’s something I really can’t afford to do. So the focus has to be there. Now the first thing is to write the GMAT. I have been told that in order to have decent chances of getting into a school of my choice, I need to score well above 750 and that my friend, calls for a lot of practice and I seem to have lost all capability to study or put myself through any kind of routine whatsoever.

OK, so this is how it goes, you get two tests from the official site and these are the ones which are said to be the closest matches to the real thing. So the suggestions say that take one of the tests first of all to determine how good you are and what are your weak points and then work on them and work diligently you must. Then take the second test and brush up on whatever loop hole might have escaped your attention  and once you feel confident, go take the test.

Now, for the preparation process, attack the OG first of all and complete it. Then switch to the Kaplan book, meanwhile completing all those famous guides like Spideys and when you are about to complete the Kaplan book, start with some test series like Manhattan’s and once your performance peaks here, go ahead take the second test from the official website and then write the real thing. It’s all about a little planning and practice and if you do it religiously, it can be mastered in two months tops. I as ever am planning to carry out the feat in 15 days. So, wish me luck people

Nothing happening

My efforts have been stymied by some very dumb work I have got involved in. Apart from that, there is this profile change test taking place and I have to study for it which has put my entire agenda on the shelf.
Hopefully, this will end fast and well. Yesterday, I browsed to the ADHM site to register for the Airtel Delhi Half Marathon but ended up volunteering for it, i.e. opting to work as a volunteer for the run. Do I need the explain the thought process behind it 🙂

Things got a little clear

Well, it was a friend’s birthday today and we had a detailed discussion about my future plans. I have really supportive friends who really believe in me and in what I can do. The things is that they told me that there is a great rift between what I can do and what I have done. When I discussed about my future plans with them, they said that though it sounds plausible but I need to do some substantial work to support that.

GMAT postponed

GMAT was postponed because I had a lot on my plate and it was all high impact stuff. Now that I have postponed it, I am doing none of the things that I was supposed to do. This ain’t good at all and I should give up on my eternal procrastination and start working a little more realistically.

Well, the odds are moving towards postponing the applications for next year. There are some distinctive benefits to it, but the only problem is that it confirms to my history of escapism.

Why didn’t I think of this earlier

Nowadays my MBA fever is going full throttle and the only things which is bothering me is the scarcity of time. There is so less time and so much to do. Apart from the big dream, I also have to sustain myself so a major part of my day goes into the sustenance processes. Apart from that, a world of advice to all those who may aspire for an MBA from an International University in the near future…..aspire now because that will give you the time to do it right. I often think that had I thought of this a few years ago, I would have been so much better off. Future aspirants out there…..start working on your profile right now and give it you best shot.