Countdown 27: Nov 30

If I carry on at this speed, doing nothing in seven days, I will be there with nothing at hand….real soon. Brace up girl and do something!!


Date taken…

Well, I have taken the GMAT date and it’s 28 December so I have one month to prepare for it which is good enough if you have some level of discipline in you. I am really bad on the discipline front. Let’s just say that I am going to change from today. To track the progress, I will add a post describing what I did for my preparations everyday. Let’s see. Hasta mañana!!

The transcripts

Among the many things that you need to get done for applying to an MBA, getting the transcripts ready is one trivia. Now for those who are from a government institute that awards percentage instead of CGPA, the simple way to get this done is through . This is an organization which will convert your marks to CGPA and will then forward it to any university of your choice (for some fees ofcourse). The first step is to get the copies of all your marksheets and your degree attested and get them in a sealed envelope by either the registrar or the Controller of Examination of the issuing university. This is what I got done over my recent trip to home for Diwali.
I hope everyone had fun this diwali.