The areas I suck in

Well, the first test tells me that it’s data sufficiency in quant and the number system questions.

In verbal, it’s sentence correction and may be a bit of critical reasoning.

Yeah, carelessnes and impatience are major killers in almost all areas.


30 July 2011

I came across HBS Class of 2013 in the fb profile of one of my friends and found it to be quite inspiring. Immediately wrote to her for some quick tips. Will post them as soon as I get a reply. I keep checking the profiles of the students and I am yet to come across someone who has just been in IT in India like I have.

Well, after that, I did the first GMAT prep test and scored a 750 (50 V , 45 Q). This might be a bloated score because many questions were repeated from my first GMAT exam (yeah the 690 one). I came to realize that simple passages start seeming to be incomprehensible under the exam pressure. The very passage that I had struggled through in the real exam seemed like a cakewalk when done sitting in my room.

I also go really fast. While in the real exam, I finished about 20 minutes beforehand for both the sections, today I was 22 minutes faster in quant and about 30 minutes faster in verbal, which for sure is not a very good thing. I will work a bit on that.

Wasted more time

Till now, I haven’t picked the books again. Today I came over to the office as the broadband was not working at home. I went through a few essays on B-school prep and came to realize that though I stand a fairly good chance, it depends a lot on the effort I put now onwards in retaking GMAT and writing the applications. I have started mulling over the questions but the target should be to have the first cut ready in the to weeks time from now. Since the next week is going to be all about the wedding I will need a big bounce nack after that.