State of essays

It’s decided. Tuck goes to round 2. I haven’t developed a “feeling” for the school yet which is extremely important to me (yeah GMATters, I noticed…. “which” can refer to both “developing a feeling” and “the school” and I mean exactly that 😛 Both are extremely important to me…Tuck because it is such a pretty school with such nice people and such close community- all of which I totally dig…..and developing the feeling because how else am I supposed to write the endless essays, which will stretch way beyond the word limit. Then while cutting down the essays, my heart will break into a thousand pieces as I will have to scrap away story after story of my awesome life. God….do I transgress 🙂 ).

My friend and namesake reviewed my essays. She didn’t like the flow in essay 1. Provided some comments. I have incorporated them and now it seems to be better but still is 780 words long. 180 more to cut down which I am sure will be accomplished with “a little help from my friends”.
She liked my second essay but asked me to elaborate the “what I did” part. I did a good job with the elaboration but now just the two leadership stories with some random rant about the leadership skills I want to develop has gone to 1200. This needs a 50% compression. OMG….I am feeling claustrophobic.

Btw, in the MBA fair, I met this good guy who is also a Kellogg alumni. He told me that my 690 GMAT might be OK for Kellogg if write stellar essays. But the good lady from Rotman told me about the importance of a 700+ score for a scholarship. Now, since Tuck is anyways postponed, I will stick to the retake plan.


MIT or Tuck???

No, it’s not about which one to apply to. I got this mail from clearadmit asking if I would like to review one of their guides and which one-MIT or Tuck. I went for Tuck as I am writing the Tuck essays right now. Stay tuned for a review of the guide.

MBA fair tomorrow

It’s the MBA fair tomorrow and I’ve got an interview with an admissions officer. So, tonight I tried to decide what to wear from my limited collection of formals. Guess what…I don’t fit in any of the business suits. This is something I hadn’t expected. (Btw….it’s not that I don’t fit into them but their fit now is more “sexy secretary” than “bschool candidate”). This happens when all you buy and wear is the uber-casual…damn you no-dress-code policy at my office. Instead of holding my breath for a very long time, I think I will stick with a plain top and a sweater. (Note to self:- Go shopping for formals before any other interview.) I am not liking this…not because of the few extra pounds but because of the added errand of shopping for formals….how boring is that.

That said, I have read up about the college I am going to interview for. I am really excited about meeting the admissions people from Sloan and Ross. I am continuing with the sentence correction guide and will write two more mock tests this week and if I get scores better than what I have been getting, I will book a date in the first week of October.

Great weekend

I spent the weekend at my sister’s. Had a lot of great food. Booked the tickets for a trip with the gaal friends 🙂 Three new dresses and some pounds richer….here I am…back in the MBA land.

Sent the Kellogg essays for the “does it sound like me” review. This reviewer lady is also a grammar nazi. She will also do the final trimming down to the word limit. Now, I only need the “adcom eye” review. ( refer to who shud review ur essays )

I may devote the end of the weekend to either MR SC guide or may be I ‘ll start the Tuck essays.

MGMAT-2 : 730…hmm!!

I read a blog about the futility of running after a GMAT score when I should be focusing on my essays. Got confused, decided to write a Manhattan test and see for myself. I had thought that if I get 690 or something, I will ditch the effort while if I get 730 or more, I shall pursue this masochism. Guess what, I got a 730. Though this is not the best time to be writing the test. I really need to shift my biological clock by 180 degrees and I really need to have patience during the complete test. This time as well, I had 20 minutes left when I completed the verbal section. I am going to study more sentence correction and CR this weekend. CR can get really nasty. The split up is 40V 49Q. I am too braindead to do the analysis right now.

It’s my sister’s birthday and I gotta go visit her. Mi mama is also coming over.I will get good food this weekend. Yaay !!

Feeling verbally challenged?? Do some Math !!

If you have lost your ability to reason after hours and hours of studying the stuff you never bothered with in school, do some Maths. As in drink a strong coffee and then listen to some good music and then so like hundred problems in a row and do them as if your life depends on the result. And then check the results. A 100/100 always lifts my spirits. Even a 99 does the job at times. The key is….just don’t give up on any question and guess 🙂

Kaplan Advanced and Sahil’s notes

If you are looking for a 700+ score, I guess Kaplan Advanced is one of the most important books for sentence correction. They have two sections , each explaining eight types of problems. The first section had stuff which I was more or less acquainted with but the second section had really arcane stuff like the sunjunctive tense which I had heard of only because I had taken French classes.

It’s rarely used in English but is important in languages like Spanish and French. Apparently, the French have lot of desires, wishes and hypothetical situations. I also came across “the gerund” in English which I had heard of only in Spanish. The gerund was in Sahil’s notes and I think that just mugging up those notes is a real good idea.