Nightmare: 680 on the free manhattan test

I took the free manhattan test and got a 680 (48 Q 35V) which I guess was completely uncool especially when I came across many familiar questions. May be I didn’t suffer enough. Just went through all of it very fast. Had more than thirty minutes left when I completed the verbal section. I really need to build up my patience. I didn’t even write the AWA stuff.


3 responses to “Nightmare: 680 on the free manhattan test

  1. I took the Manhattan free test and scored a 670(q:48, v33). I found the quant section too tough and drained out by the time I started the verbal. Where as in GMAT prep, I scored 710(q:48, v39). As you have actually taken the GMAT once, can you tell me whether the quant in the real deal is similar to Manhattan or GMAT prep1?

    • Hmm….the real GMAT was a lot like the GMAT prep test.
      Know what, in the Manhattan free test, I had all questions in quant correct till question no. 32 and then 5 incorrect in a row. I think that making mistakes consecutively can lower the scores considerably.

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