MGMAT-2 : 730…hmm!!

I read a blog about the futility of running after a GMAT score when I should be focusing on my essays. Got confused, decided to write a Manhattan test and see for myself. I had thought that if I get 690 or something, I will ditch the effort while if I get 730 or more, I shall pursue this masochism. Guess what, I got a 730. Though this is not the best time to be writing the test. I really need to shift my biological clock by 180 degrees and I really need to have patience during the complete test. This time as well, I had 20 minutes left when I completed the verbal section. I am going to study more sentence correction and CR this weekend. CR can get really nasty. The split up is 40V 49Q. I am too braindead to do the analysis right now.

It’s my sister’s birthday and I gotta go visit her. Mi mama is also coming over.I will get good food this weekend. Yaay !!


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