Is the quant in Manhattan tests too easy

I wrote four tests over the past four days, two of them in succession. I got 51 in quant in all of them. The bad part is I didn’t find the questions challenging. As far as I remember, I did encounter some questions in the real GMAT quant where I had to guess. So I am taking my perfect quant scores here with a pinch of salt.

The scores might have improved because I have slowed down as against completing the section 20 minutes ahead of time in my first GMAT. This has improved my accuracy a lot. This is one thing I want to tell everyone-READ THE QUESTION. See what is it asking for. Calculate exactly that and then mark the answer. I may do with a little better accuracy in data sufficiency though and a lot better accuracy in RC, but then this is not a post about the verbal section…is it?


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