AWA ESSAYS: Analyze Issues
“In making a complex decision, one should trust experience more than instinct.”

Discuss the extent to which you agree or disagree with the position stated above. Support your viewpoint using reasons and examples from your own experience, observations, or reading.

I agree with the statement that in making a complex decision, one should trust experience more than extinct. Experience is the wisdom one attains by going through difficult situations in life. The emphasis that is usually put on conditioning and training signifies the importance of experience over instinct.

One good example is the intervention of India in the freedom movement of Bangladesh. The Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi had a complex situation before her. Bangladesh was struggling to become a independent nation. Getting Bangladesh separated from Pakistan was in India’s strategic interest. There was the problem of illegal immigration of Bangladeshis to India to be considered. But, India also risked antagonizing the US by intervening in the internal affairs of Pakistan and Bangladesh. Om top of this, the intervention would have had a significant military cost for the country.

Instead of going be her instinct and sending over an army in the months of August-September, the prime minister consulted the Army General Sam Maneckshaw, an experienced man of war. He suggested her to postpone the military intervention and wait for the rains to get over. Sending over the army during the rains would have been a suicide for the Indian troops due to the floods in the river Brahmaputra. The Prime Minister heeded the general’s advice and waited for the rains to get over. India successfully intervened in the civil strife and helped Bangladesh become an independent nation.

Another good example is Hitler’s defeat in Russia. He didn’t learn from Napolean’s experience and attached Russia during winters. The Russians kept drawing back while Hitler’s army froze and starved in the Russian winters. Had Hitler been a little more attentive to learning form Napolean’s experience, he could have averted the crushing defeat of his army.

As this examples clearly prove, it is extremely important to listen to an expert’s experience before taking a complex decision.


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