740 it is

Yeah, it’s done and I have made a leap of 50 points. I am happy….really happy. Towards the end of the exam, a though flashed to my mind-“What if  I score something like 570” That made the 740 look all the more beautiful.

Now, the details. On Wednesday night, I had done two MGMATs in a row. That’s like around 7 hours of slogging. I went to sleep at 6 in the morning on Thursday. I had taken leave from work for Thursday and Friday (the d-day). On Thursday, I got up at around 1 pm and was feeling rather bombed. I had some caffeine and analyzed the last MGMAT. Then I slogged my way through the second GMAT prep test in which I scored 750. There is something about the GMAT software UI. I was more tired by this one test than I had been after taking two MGMATs in a row. Then I watched a Kirsten Dunst movie on tennis. It’s titled Wimbledon I guess. After that I had some more tea. Then I went through my mistakes in the GMAT prep test.

The UI depressed me again. So I went out for a run but instead walked around and went to a temple and then searched for granola bars in all the grocery stores in my vicinity. Didn’t find the bars, so bought some Dairy Milk Silk  chocolates and came back. Then I had a shower, some light dinner and went to bed at around 10. I didn’t sleep very well. I kept getting up. Mi mama woke me up at 6:45 AM on Friday by calling me. After that I had a sweet and short nap till 7:15 . I got up, did some skipping (with a rope) and had tea. Then I just got ready and left for the office at 8:45 AM because the office cafeteria is the only place which serves breakfast this early. In office, I had some breakfast and left for the metro station at 9:30. I reached the center at 10:30 PM. Had no difficulty locating it this time.

Since I had a lot of time to kill, instead of going to the test center on the fourth floor, I roamed around and checked out the opening shops. I bought some coffee and a bottle of water and headed for the center. I was still early and had around 45 minutes. I finished my coffee and sat down on the stairs to read the OG. I had to bend a lot and it was straining my backbone. So, I gave up on the last minute brush up and spent time playing teeter on my cellphone. I was let in at 11:30. After going through the usual verification process, they led me to the examination room. I think I was given the same seat as the one I had last time.

The exam started. The argument was easy to rip apart but somehow I had to type really fast and had just five minutes left when I stopped typing and started proofreading. I had to struggle a bit in the issue essay but then I thought of using a personal experience as an example and sailed through it. I took the break and had half a chocolate and two glasses of water. Then I returned to my exam. I found the verbal to be a little more difficult than usual and really got stuck at the 31st question. I spent a lot of time on it because I could. I had 28 minutes remaining. After spending  more than 5 minutes on that one , I moved on and encountered a lot of data sufficiency questions which I hate. But, they were not very difficult and I had all the time to follow the complete DS workflow for each of them.

I took a break again to finish the remaining chocolate and re-hydrate myself. The section started with sentence correction which I love. Then there was CR. The passages were all easy to follow except one about some Florida guy. That also was not very difficult. I really took my time with the passages making notes and stuff. I didn’t finish half an hour ahead of time as I used to in practice tests. I think I had around ten minutes left when I finished. I was remarkably calm inside when I clicked the End Exam button. Then I finished the usual info stuff and finally opted to view my score. It was 740 and I thought for a moment about how should I feel about it. Before, the thought could finish, I was flooded with an immense sense of relief-“God….it’s over!!” I picked my stuff from the locker and came out a happy woman 🙂


8 responses to “740 it is

  1. 😀 awesomeness! congrats on your uber score! am planning to take mine in any of the first 3 months of 2012 (planning to apply next year, hopefully!). now, rock on with your apps ^_^!

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