Burn out??

I feel tired all day long. No more do I read the school websites tirelessly. I don’t go on sending mails to current students and admissions people with my questions. I don’t check all the MBA blogs for updates. I don’t even read my essays over and over again. Nor do I send them to my friends anymore. Am I burnt out? I am done with just two schools so far. Tuck is not even complete yet. I am still to submit the scholarship form and essays. What’s wrong with me??? Seriously. I can’t put all my eggs in one basket and keep praying for Kellogg till December 18.

I really need to do a good job for my safety schools to get some scholarship. I do need to go for an MBA this year because after having told my manager about my plans, I really can’t stick out another year at my job. It’s time to gear up I guess. May be starting my running routine would help pump back the gumption.


2 responses to “Burn out??

  1. Hey,
    I’m right there with you. The Kellogg app took a lot out of me and now I’m just tired. I know that I still need to apply to other schools but my motivation is waning.
    I started running again a couple of weeks ago and I will say that it does help pick up the energy level. Here’s to both of us finding our motivation again and getting back on the application grind.

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