As I wait for the mail

It’s difficult to wait. To cope, it’s a good idea to do something productive instead of refreshing your inbox ever other minute.

The question is what to do??

I think that one could research further on one’s career options. After the applications,  everyone has some idea about future aspirations. I certainly know about mine. The essays have given me a good deal of clarity about what do I want to do. Instead of just sitting back and dreaming about my future, I have started building a road map to it. There are some constants (like where am I and where do I want to be) and some variables (which bschool I will end up in) . I am doing the linking Prison Break style. I have pasted this huge chart in my room on which I keep sticking printouts and sticky notes. It’s cool and fun to do this. Stay tuned for some shots of my awesome road map.


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