Dinged on my birthday

I was completely in love with Kellogg….the MMM program in particular…deeply, madly. It’s my birthday today and my mom is here and she makes it all the more difficult. I can’t curl up in my bed with all the b’day chocolates and cake at my disposal and cry away my sorrows of this rejection with my favorite chick-flicks. I have to be her brave little girl and laugh it off while gearing up for the next schools.

Gawd…my birthday sucks!!


6 responses to “Dinged on my birthday

  1. Sorry to hear that. But keep your spirits up. I would only think of it as a loss to the school than anything else, as I am sure you will get admission offers from other schools and be successful in life anyway.
    Happy birthday!

  2. Really really sad to hear this. Please don’t lose hope. You are definitely going to get into a good school. I know it’s heartbreaking, but a hero is one who is too afraid to run away. Best of luck!

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