Some good advice

Here is a video I watched whenever I felt disoriented while writing the applications.¬†Remember….knowing the “WHY” is important . Having the inside out approach through the concentric circles Simon draws makes your essays sound coherent.

This is a blog entry I just read and felt that it has some content relevant to the apps as well.


The R2 update

Today I submitted my last R2 app. Here is the list of my R2 submissions-

-Tepper : Invited for inteview
-Anderson: They take time I hear
-Cornell: Submitted this morning

I love all the three schools and would go to any of them if selected

Tips for 2012

I have got some tips from my experience so far-

-Never make your dream school your first app.
-Make your dream school the first school you research.
-Start thinking about career goals as soon as you can and discuss them with successful professionals in your choice of career.
-Discuss your career goals with friends who know about this sh**. It’s an added bonus if they enjoy putting you down and not believing in anything you say. Just argue with them till you win and then write your career essay.

Happy New Year and Tepper

The title sounds wacky?? That’s the aim people. I wish you all a great 2012. May all of you get into the school of your choice this year.
Tepper is one of the best fits for my career goals and I really like Pittsburg and I have submitted my app mere thirty minutes before the deadline.
Essay writers, I hear you all gasping at the jumpiness of this post but I have used all my ability to write in a flow by now and jumpy is fun.
After being rejected by the love of my life (in MBA programs), I really don’t know that where does my app/profile stand.
I have resisted multiple offers of we-will-do-everything-for-ya admission consulting thinking that if I can’t pull off an application, would I be able to handle the whole yembeeyaay.