Financing the ahembeeyaay: Credilla

Right from the time I heard from Tepper, I have been worried about the finances. I checked various options to borrow from India. HDFC’s credilla came across as the best option. So I called them up to find out about the details. Turns out that they extend loans up to the full cost of attendance. So, it’s today that I submitted the loan form and the documents. I somewhere in my unconscious really hate these loan people for being so unabashed about inquiring into my and my family’s “net worth”. Yes, one person I talked to used that word and I immediately put him in the “people I instinctively dislike” category. This feels tiring. Anyways, I have given most of the documents…some are missing. They have told me that they will be writing to me if there are any documents missing. Once I submit all the missing documents, they say that they will get back with their “evaluation” in a week’s time.


5 responses to “Financing the ahembeeyaay: Credilla

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  3. I’d be looking forward to your next post about financing. Recently one of my close friends got into Owen and he was denied loan by credilla just because his property wasn’t in the city where Credilla’s branch is located. Having said that, your experience would be helpful for me when I apply next year.


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