Financing the ahembeeyaay: Loan Documents

I have submitted the documents to the credilla guys. Finally, I met the sweet girl I had been talking to and she seemed very nice. Hopes restored !

Bad part was that I got fined for not wearing a seat belt while driving to the bank. The thing is that I was rushing from work and the bank was about to be closed. So, I forgot the seat belt. As Murphy would have it, there was this cop who came over and fined me ūüė¶

Now, I have this intricate algorithm for getting the documents. My sister is co-signing my loan and she is away on a maternity leave. So, she can’t do much running around and she doesn’t own a scanner. We have this awesome workaround. She clicks photos of the documents (WW2 spy style) and mails them to me. To get well focussed images, single documents are clicked in multiple parts. I pick the sharp images, correct the lens distortion in photoshop and then stitch the parts together in photoshop. So, my sister is really learning how to focus her new DSLR and I am really using the align layers feature of photoshop and finding loopholes in the algorithm. But this feature was designed for stitching images together….not for stitching the pics of documents taken from random angles and focal lengths.

If the bank asks for a better copy again, I am just going to go home and get the original documents.


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