Meanwhile in Ithaca

While I am stuck in my own intricate web of get-the-loan-documents-together-workflow, someone in Ithaca decides to teach me a lesson for sending the same email (with minor edits) to multiple club officers.  This is another DO NOT in the bschool application process. Never ever, copy paste the mail content and send it to multiple people at a school. As fate would have it, people who go to bschool together, talk to each other. As Murphy would have it, people, you sent your copied-pasted mail to, will definitely talk and will definitely mention the trashy mail they got from a wait listed prospective recently.

So, however depressed or desperate you are feeling, if you are getting motivated to do a batch email with the same subject…..STOP…..go out, get sloshed, watch a movie, go dancing….do anything but DO NOT SEND the same mail to multiple people. This process is overwhelming and is really taxing to one’s drafting skills. I literally whine for every new piece of text I have to write. Make a point to get your important mails proofread by some friends. In the end I have this piece of wisdom straight from the one mail that came my way from Ithaca-

“You’re climbing a mountain.  You may be eager to keep taking steps as much as possible to get to the top but remember – it’s better to stand still than take a wrong step that will lead you to fall.”


8 responses to “Meanwhile in Ithaca

  1. “I literally whine for every new piece of text I have to write”…I can empathize how that feels…but I guess that is bread and butter of an MBA and Bob nomination tells you are pretty good at making butter toasts 🙂

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