ClearAdmit Snapshot Review: Tepper School of Business

I just read the snapshot and the first thought was- Why didn’t I get this before my Tepper application. Not that I am complaining about the outcome of my Tepper application but it did take me some time to make a structure out of all the information I gathered. What the snapshot will do for you is give a basic understanding of the school which can work as the framework for all the information you will access through different resources.

It explains the curriculum very well which used to be the first thing I looked at while researching a school. I strongly feel that the snapshots will save you from the disorientation that happens with the information overdose midway through the application period. It will certainly help you get a feel about the school. Most importantly, it will give you ideas about the things that you should be seeking more information about.

That’s it for now. Happy apping people !!

PS:- And….the snapshots are for free


5 responses to “ClearAdmit Snapshot Review: Tepper School of Business

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  2. Hi ccatcher!

    Congratulations on the Tepper admit. I am starting my own MBA applications in 2-3 months and had a question for you. Did you use an admissions consultant to help out with your essays? I’m having a hard time, deciding between expensive US based consultants or going to Indian ones. Do let me know your take.
    Thanks a lot,

    • Hi,

      I have been visiting your blog since quiet a sometime now and I really want to wish good luck for Tepper. I am also in the same boat as Pru and I would be obliged if you can send the same information to me as well. Right now I am preparing for the retake and would be starting apps in the month of July. I am not sure if I should hire a consultant at all and if I should your advice would be very helpful for me.

      Thanks again,

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