Reporting from Pittsburgh

I started writing this post when base camp had just started. Now it’s over and today was the first day of classes. I will write in detail about the base camp. Just getting this stuff out for now.

I have completed the first week at business school and it has been pretty cool so far. The base camp has started and now we have stuff to do. But I think I should start from the beginning.

I boarded the flight with three of my batch-mates in Delhi on July 27 (notice the switch to mm dd) and landed in Chicago after around 22 hours. At the immigration check, I realized that I have lost my I20 and that kind of panicked me. After emptying my bag on the floor and sifting through all the stuff, I was able to locate it somehow. As soon as I reached the counter, I had lined up for, the nice lady sitting there decided to call it a day and I had to look for an immigration officer willing to check me in. Right after I was done with the immigration check, I somehow managed to lose my I20 with my passport. Thankfully, I soon found them in a corner. After that it was more or less routine stuff till we reached Pittsburgh.

It was raining really hard when we landed in Pittsburgh….stay tuned for more.


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