Done with week1….almost

Yeah….I am done with the last class for week 1. I like all the courses so far….Probability and Statistics obviously being my favorite. The only problem is that I get too absorbed in it at times and lose perspective. Last night, I started doing problems…had a doubt about a Poisson Distribution problem…asked a friend (who is pursuing his PhD in Math) about it and he suggested I go through the derivation for the Poisson function. So, I spent the night reading about Poisson Distribution Function and how it was formulated to calculate the number of Prussian soldiers killed by horse kicks in the Prussian war. I love that kind of information (the kind which serves no purpose whatsoever).

I read the first version of Robber Barrons today. Enjoyed it and felt sorry about myself for not completing my super funny piece (well….I haven’t started yet). This is a side effect of the MBA classes hitting you hard in your face….you lose your ability to be funny (not that I was very good at it ever… see….self-deprecation is about as far as my humor goes).

A little about things other than me now. What do I like the best about my class so far? The people. They are all incredibly talented and impressive but what surprises me the most is the attitude. Everyone is so nice that I wonder that how did they get two hundred super talented individuals who are such nice human beings. The second best thing (well it’s not really the second best thing….just that I am mentioning it later) is how much everyone in the school wants you to succeed…and I mean everyone- the COC, faculty, seniors, classmates and alumni. How much they all want me to succeed far outweighs my own desire to be successful and is that a motivator to keep going?


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