Post midterms….it just never gets less crazy

Midterms are over and I have got all my grades. How did I do?….hmmm….let’s just say that I won’t have to struggle much to get straight A’s. Anyways, in the ever changing world of Tepper, the midterms are history. National Black is the buzz these days. With half the class away, the lectures have become a little less interesting. I miss all the interaction with my classmates. My problem is that my roommate is away at National Black. As much as I like the natural ambiance of  my apartment, it starts resembling the scenes from the movie Wrong Turn as it gets darker. I hope I will survive the next two nights without being eaten up by some mutants who try to break in through the living room window (if it happens, I know exactly how it’s gonna pan out because I have played the scene so many times in my mind). Anyways, the thing is that I have the Probability and Statistics case to go through and I have exhausted all my excuses for procrastination. I might as well get on with it. From the number of emails from prospectives lying in my inbox, I know that admissions season is heating up. I just want to say that if you don’t get a response from me, be persistent and keep shooting emails till you get one. All the best with your applications people !!


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