Why I love Tepper so much


Dec 12, 2012: It was my birthday and we had the most hated final on the very next day. This has been the thing about my birthday since my childhood…..it always overlaps with one exam or the other. I knew that none of my friends will have the time to do anything. So, I came back home from school, cooked some food and went to my room to listen to the lecture videos. I found it intriguing that my roommate (of the cleaning-and-cooking-is-a-waste-of time school of thought) was meticulously cleaning the kitchen and the hall. Anyways, I took my dinner and went to my room.

Around midnight, I just went to the kitchen to dump my dirty dishes in the sink to find the surprise party my friend were hurriedly putting together. Surprised I was…and however cheesy it may sound…it did feel great that they had braved the final-exam-times and decided to celebrate my birthday.
Dec 13, 2012: The next day I went to my school and found that almost everyone in my class knew that it’s my birthday (I have it on FB, ha!). One of my friends treated me with lunch and then we wolfed-down desserts till we hated ourselves. It was time for the last Finance-I class after that. Just wishing me in the corridors was not enough for the awesome Teperronis. So, the moment our Finance Prof stepped out of the class to let us complete the course evaluation, my lovely classmates decided to wish me kindergarten style, that is, by singing Happy Birthday out loud while clapping and all. It was nice and a bit embarrassing.

2But that was not the end of Tepper awesomeness for the day. Before leaving the class, the professor joked saying, “May be I should go out and get a cup of coffee so that I don’t influence your evaluation” to which one of my classmates replied -“May be you should get two while you are at it.” Guess what…. once the lovely b’day song was over, the professor entered with two cups of coffee, walked over to the student and handed him the coffee saying, “I got two sugars….didn’t know your milk preference.”

Everyday I spend at Tepper, I fall more in love with the school and the people and feel happy about the day I decided to come to Tepper. It’s the applications season now. I have applied for four internships already and have been talking to our alumni in the companies I am interested in. I hope that we all get cool internships asap so that the parties and the Tepper awesomeness can ensue.


Coming down with something

Finals are coming up….the To Do for the emails I have to write never seems to end….our kitchen sink is still not fixed…it’s raining cats and dogs and I feel like I am coming down with something. We are dealing with Lagrange’s multipliers and Hessian matrices in our optimization class….things I thought I will never encounter again after Mathematics-III in college. I feel that i have completely lost track of  what’s going on around me.

It’s December….almost half gone !!

I have the first deadline of the recruiting season tomorrow and I haven’t even started on the cover letter yet. The finals are approaching and I am pretty clueless about what’s going on in Finance and Optimization. I know I can catch up but I need sometime for that and I don’t see any readily available time slot in near future. My kitchen sink is getting flooded and I can’t quite figure out why. My roommate and I haven’t taken out the trash in a long long time and I don’t know when are we gonna do that. I feel that I am lagging behind everyone in networking and have so many emails to write and phone calls to make to make-up for that. Although all my classmates are super-nice people, I see the niceness subliming from some of them and that doesn’t feel good. I am fat but I never make it to the gym. My schedule is crazy and the one thing I fear the most is myself…the fact that I may not do my best and lose out on things I can get.

This makes me very tired and sleep deprived. This is what I was looking for when I decided to come for an MBA. The zeal to succeed, to push myself beyond my limits and see how far I can go. And am I enjoying every moment of it?? Absolutely !!

PS:-Whoever tells you that the tough part of an MBA is getting in is lying. When you are awaiting the decision from the adcoms, you have almost nothing at stake. You just are presented with the choice to make that leap of faith. MBA recruitment is the time which decides whether your leap of faith is going to turn into a blissful flight or a nasty fall.