I thought that once I am out of my old job, my life will take a turn and things will become all cheerful and rosy. I thought that I will love the classes and just glide through everything. Nothing of that sort happened. Here, I am …trying hard to stay afloat. I want to study and learn but there is no time amid the whole recruiting-networking-interviewing cycle and right now….I feel lost.

Random rant

Well well well….a lot of time has passed. Things have changed. Mini three is half over. I have regally bombed the midterms. And I still don’t have an internship and that sucks. Some speculate that the economy is not doing that great and that has some bearing on this but some of my friends do have internships. So, this can’t be completely attributed to external factors. That’s what I hate the most about this situation. I need to be on my toes all the time and that is more a lifestyle change that I need to learn here. Apparently, that’s the whole point of business ¬†school…..becoming a better person……but right now, I just want to go back to bed and never get up.