I thought that once I am out of my old job, my life will take a turn and things will become all cheerful and rosy. I thought that I will love the classes and just glide through everything. Nothing of that sort happened. Here, I am …trying hard to stay afloat. I want to study and learn but there is no time amid the whole recruiting-networking-interviewing cycle and right now….I feel lost.

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4 responses to “Lost

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  2. Ccatcher, hang in there dear. I feel your pain. Don’t worry things will start to look better for you. I might sound like an old cliche machine, but everything happens for a reason and so very often, our expectations are our own worst enemy. Let go of what you thought B school might be and embrace the rush!

    Also helps to stay in touch with family or close friends for support. You will ride this out, don’t worry.

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