Today’s been okay

Well….I have been watching Grey’s Anatomy a lot and that explains the title. Yesterday was a great day after long. I got up at 8 which is pretty early for me. Had my tea and talked to an alumnus. It was awesome talking to him and I felt my mood lifting through the call. As soon as I was done, I saw this post from a another alumnus about some Market and Competitive Analysis position. I reached out to him and setup a call in the afternoon. Then I had a wonderful lunch with one of my sweetest classmates. My second call of the day was also awesome. I learned a great deal about functional programming and that was one awesome conversation. Right after, I noticed this email inviting me for my dream gob. Then I went to school, talked to Wendy and Steve, setup few more calls and came back home. I was beat by the time I came back but I anyways completed my application to a super cool games company. Finally went to sleep to the song by Emiliana Torrini. Good day I say !!


And the search continues

They say now is not the time to get too worried about things. The thing to do is to keep your head up, keep applying and keep networking. I had two phone calls in the past two days. I have noticed that I try to evade talking to people with some specific purpose in mind. That just disturbs me on a very deep level. I think that it’s high time for me to accept that it’s OK. I checked out a bunch of companies and they seem to be super cool.
Aside from that, my biological clock again seems to have undergone the dreaded 180 degree phase shift. I need to fix that. As the weather is improving, I think it’s time to start running again.