and then it rained !!

Yeah….yesterday it did rain like the sky was coming down but this post is not about rain in Pittsburgh because had this blog been about the instances of unexpected precipitation in Pittsburgh, there would have been way too many posts.

Last I wrote, it must have been some rant about the lack of interviews in my life. Well, I was going through the dry spell and then it rained interviews. One week, I had first round interviews every single day and even more than one on some days. The next week, I had a second round every single day. Now in the third week its raining offers with conflicting deadlines. So, now I am going crazy writing to recruiters to extend the deadline, speed up the process and just give me an answer asap meanwhile looking for apartments in the Bay area. I still am not sure about how many of these efforts are going to go down the drain but then again, if there is one thing this experience has taught me, it’s that an honest effort never goes down the drain.

Amidst all the prevailing uncertainties and ongoing negotiations (and negotiate I must after all wisdom I got from Sheryl Sandberg’s ted video about how women in business end up getting a poorer deal because they don’t negotiate enough), there is one thing I am sure of – that I am going to the Bay area this summer.