It’s just the third day of my second year at school and it’s already like drinking from the proverbial fire hose. I go to bed after 1 am and get up at 6. I work all day and still feel like chasing after things that are flying by. I still have so many friends I haven’t properly said Hi to after coming back from my internship. The good news is that it’s Thursday tomorrow which means there will be Beers. Yaay!!


Almost ready for school

Add/Drop courses- Check
RSVP for upcoming corporate presentations-Check
Resume update- Check
…..and so on
My point is that I am pretty much ready for year2 at business school. Only thing I need to resolve is the evening Negotiations class I have got that conflicts with the Robber Barrons writing hour. I really want to take the class. If things won’t work out, I’ll try and move the Robber Barrons hours.

Life is good and I am ready to dive into the big fireball of courses, capstones, late nights, beers and recruiting.

Back in Pittsburgh

Finally, I am back in good old Pittsburgh. It kind of feels like being home. I was a little sad about leaving the Bay Area. It was beautiful and I had gotten used to being paid and focusing on one thing as opposed to the zillion things at school.

I am back to picking classes, planning workouts with Endurance Club people, hanging out with friends late into the night and sleeping in while I still can. Stay tuned to know more about my life as a second year student.

Almost done !!

I am almost done with my internship with just one more week to go. Yesterday, I went to a barbecue at a Tepper alumna’s house from the class of 1997. I was happily surprised by how engaging they were. I went there half expecting it to be a super formal dinner but it was just awesome. We had great conversations about Tepper, told great stories and got a lot of wonderful advice about our career ahead. The more I meet new Tepper people, the more I get convinced that my decision to come to Tepper because the people seem so nice is one of the best ones I have made in life.