The break is over

Today is the last day of mini1 break. I am back to picking classes and syncing calendars. I loved the nice and relaxed break I had. I am still not in the all-set-for-the-cold-mini mode but I guess I will get there.

Today was a pretty uneventful day. I just went Halloween costume shopping with one of my classmates. I was not really looking for a costume so I just sat back and gave her feedback about the options she was considering. Then we went shoe shopping and I ended up buying just one pair of flats. We had lunch in Chipotle after long and loved it and then came back home. I tried on my new shoes and was devastated to find that they were a size too small. I guess I will return them when I will go shoes shopping again. I wrapped up the evening with a small workout and some intensive cooking. Now, I have to get to cleaning up my room and then I can call it a day.


First Job Offer(s)

Yes! It’s true.
We just completed the first mini and I got three job offers from one company. Yaay! It’s one of my top choices, so now I get to sit back and relax and not worry too much about my post-MBA future.

Let me describe everything in detail now. Last week, I interviewed with the company for two positions. The first round had two interviews per position. So, I talked non-stop for two hours with a very bad throat. I was hoping to get the round 2 for one of the positions but was happily surprised when I got both. I think I have learned to not expect too much and that helped me retain my equanimity. On day 2, I had two interviews of 45 minutes each – one of them very pleasant and the other one not so much. We were supposed to hear back from them on the same day but we got an email instead telling us that we will hear back the next day which was a Friday. So, I just prepared for the four interviews I had on Friday. Again, with my bad throat and fever raging, I went through the four interviews on Friday, went to Tepper Beers and then came back to kill time at our hub – which is one of our classmate’s apartment.
We were just sitting there talking when people stated posting about ‘Thank You for your time’ emails, then the ‘Congratulations!’ emails started coming in. In some time, everyone who had had a round 2 interview had received their status but not me. So, I had my laptop open and everyone was staring at it. I was surprised by how everyone except me seemed so anxious. I really didn’t feel any anxiety. I guess, that after my internship search, I have become a better and more mature person. I hope I am able to maintain this in the future as well. So, finally I got the email and got to know that I had been offered for three positions. I felt relief and happiness but my heart didn’t do a back flip like it always does on such occasions. I was happy with the offers but I was happier for my own reaction to the news. I don’t know if that makes any sense 🙂