It’s raining !!

It’s really coming down and I am trying to decide if we should keep the window open to enjoy the beautiful sound and feel of rain or should I close it to keep my things on the window from getting wet. I am leaning towards keeping it open for now. My window has a direct view of the church on the next block. There is something about the view which is very peaceful. At times, I get up and lie staring at it thinking of nothing and that’s the best part of my day usually. 

Now, that my philosophical rant is over, let’s talk about the MBA. I have two more weeks before I finish mine. I am taking four courses this mini and I have a bunch of slide decks, finals and papers to complete in the next week and then there are the numerous events and lunches and dinners with friends. Honestly, I am enjoying this but can’t wait to be done with the MBA and start working.