Moi at Primanti’s

I completed my MBA and received the diploma yesterday. For some reason, it hasn’t really sunk in and I feel like it’s one of the after-mini breaks and we will all start again in the halls of Posner after the summer. I guess I need to start packing to finally “feel it”. Packing stuff always breaks my heart. There are so many tough definitions to be made in terms of what to take with you and what to leave behind. I just get lost and entangled in memories because after all, all this stuff was my life for two years. I was a different person two years ago. I was the person who went to Primanti’s for the first time on someone’s recommendation, couldn’t finish the humongous sandwich and hated it. Yesterday, I went back to the same Primanti’s (second time in two years), ordered the same sandwich and loved it. It’s amazing what two years in Pittsburgh and Tepper can do to you.

Last week before graduation

I got up with a splitting headache after last night’s party and cruise dinner by the school. Th good thing is that I had just the right fix for this problem – good old cup of Indian spicy tea. I love problems I can solve like a boss….other more messy ones….ummm…..I take sometime with them.

I have a few errands to run this week and I hope that I will be done by the end of the week. I have already booked an apartment in the new city I am moving to and I am super excited about it. To do list for today-

  1. Check out apartment decors on pinterest.
  2. Workout if I feel like it.

Sundays don’t get much better than that.