In the networks blackhole

I have moved to this beautiful city and am finally done with all the furniture shopping. I spent the past three days assembling all the furniture and boy is it tough. These things are heavy and they need high precision. Good news is that I am done with my couch and my bed and I can now focus on the fabrics and cushions.

The other thing is that my apartment is a networks black hole. I get no phone network or internet inside which kind of sucks but it has also made me super aware of my internet addiction. I caught myself checking my phone for no particular reason so many times. After two days of furniture assembling sans internet, I am kind of in the Zen and the Art of Assembling Ikea Furniture Mode. Internet is like and addiction and removing it from your life gives a great deal of peace.


Planning my apartment


I have spent some time researching furniture this week. Till now, I have only ordered the mattress and the mattress shield. I am still debating over my bedroom and living room furniture. I was browsing through pinterest and one decor has really stuck a cord with me. I like the whole horse picture and the color theme. This has also made me more inclined towards a fabric sofa. Let’s see how it works out.