Kellogg R1 Part1-Check

I submitted the Kellogg R1 application today. By now, I am kind of in love with the MMM program. The only things is, with Kellogg being my dream school and all, I am not sure if applying to it in the first round is a very smart decision. Kellogg’s will be the first interview for a bschool and that worries me. I have finalized my list for round 1 though. It’s MIT, Tuck and Kellogg. This may get trimmed down to 1 depending upon how my essays come out. My reviewers are not responding. All I have got are polite online acquaintances, who are not the best candidates for reviewing my essays as they won’t be able to fix the “whether it sounds like me” part. I really don’t like the idea of going to an admission consultant, and I don’t have $500 to dish out for that.

That said, I slipped by one day on my study for GMAT schedule. I should have been ready for it this weekend. There is one thing I really need to fix…the get it over with attitude while writing the test. I get so impatient….that I have like half an hour left when I complete the verbal section. It’s just dumb as finishing early doesn’t give me any browny points