A lot has happened….I am extremely short of time

It all o the evening of 30 August when after having submitted my resume to clearadmit, I got this mail for a telephonic conversation to evaluate my candidacy. I was told that as my experience is limited to the technical side with almost no business exposure, I don’t stand much chance. I, being my usual careless self had forwarded my usual job interview CV which was an extremely dumb thing to do. That aside, I was braindead by 11:30 pm, the scheduled time for the conversation. There was one strong feedback that I got. My 690 GMAT is not going to help my already week profile. I should write it again.

Obviously, I was extremely depressed by this conversation and lamented my worthlessness for two days.

So, now I have three tasks to take care of. Firstly, prepare for the GMAT and write it within a month. Complete my first set of essays and send it for review by 5 Sep 2011. Finally carry on my research on the basis of financial feasibility, aspiration match and the student body of the school. I have 30 schools listed on my excel sheet with umpteen color coding. I think I can write a good constraint solving algo to decide on the school (that’s how I stray from my path).

Well. what’s required is a lot of focus, I mean really a lot of focus and a huge amount of midnight oil to burn.