Things I don’t like….

….people telling me that I can’t get into my target schools. I called up this consultant person and he tells me how I stand little chance at all my target schools. I didn’t like being told that. So I went and made some maggi with lot of green chilies and now I over it. Ha!

May be I am not the best candidate. Maybe I don’t have a GPA above the institute’s avearge. But there definitely are some people with scores below the average. That’s why it’s the average. Right??

Whatever…. I am gonna keep working on my essays and will submit it in R1 to my dream school- more competitive profiles or not. Now I will brew a strong cup of tea and get back to sentence correction.


Great weekend

I spent the weekend at my sister’s. Had a lot of great food. Booked the tickets for a trip with the gaal friends 🙂 Three new dresses and some pounds richer….here I am…back in the MBA land.

Sent the Kellogg essays for the “does it sound like me” review. This reviewer lady is also a grammar nazi. She will also do the final trimming down to the word limit. Now, I only need the “adcom eye” review. ( refer to who shud review ur essays )

I may devote the end of the weekend to either MR SC guide or may be I ‘ll start the Tuck essays.