Financing the ahembeeyaay: Credilla

Right from the time I heard from Tepper, I have been worried about the finances. I checked various options to borrow from India. HDFC’s credilla came across as the best option. So I called them up to find out about the details. Turns out that they extend loans up to the full cost of attendance. So, it’s today that I submitted the loan form and the documents. I somewhere in my unconscious really hate these loan people for being so unabashed about inquiring into my and my family’s “net worth”. Yes, one person I talked to used that word and I immediately put him in the “people I instinctively dislike” category. This feels tiring. Anyways, I have given most of the documents…some are missing. They have told me that they will be writing to me if there are any documents missing. Once I submit all the missing documents, they say that they will get back with their “evaluation” in a week’s time.