Today’s been okay

Well….I have been watching Grey’s Anatomy a lot and that explains the title. Yesterday was a great day after long. I got up at 8 which is pretty early for me. Had my tea and talked to an alumnus. It was awesome talking to him and I felt my mood lifting through the call. As soon as I was done, I saw this post from a another alumnus about some Market and Competitive Analysis position. I reached out to him and setup a call in the afternoon. Then I had a wonderful lunch with one of my sweetest classmates. My second call of the day was also awesome. I learned a great deal about functional programming and that was one awesome conversation. Right after, I noticed this email inviting me for my dream gob. Then I went to school, talked to Wendy and Steve, setup few more calls and came back home. I was beat by the time I came back but I anyways completed my application to a super cool games company. Finally went to sleep to the song by Emiliana Torrini. Good day I say !!