Manhattan CAT-1

I just wrote the Manhattan CAT-1 and got a 710. I got happy about it as I was told by one of my friends that you tend to score less in Manhattan. Then, I checked out my GMAT reference blog (I have mentioned it in some earlier post as well) and found that he had scored perfect 800s in two Manhattan tests in a row. Well, it goes to say that I really need to ramp up all my books asap. And yeah, I had 15 incorrect questions and still got 710 which made me a little skeptical of the score. I have written a mail to the manhattan people to ask about this. Will post back with the response that I get.

I got to know about the “boldface questions” in CR and didn’t find them much difficult. There are some other questions in CR which leave me rather clueless.

And yeah….it’s important to write the AWAs while doing the peactice test as otherwise it’s not a true simulation.

Now, I am going to prepare myself a nice dinner to nourish my much exhausted mind, body and soul. The test still needs to be analyzed. More on the analysis later.