Belated happy diwali…….and Tuck

Dint go home this diwali because of the MIT deadline and then didn’t submit the MIT app in R1. There were multiple reason. The recommendations didn’t shape up on time as my recommenders were in the festive mood. Also, I hadn’t interacted enough with the school. So, I postponed the application to round 2. I have the essays kind of ready. Will send them to my reviewers soon.

All that said, I love Tuck….everything about it, especially the great sense of community. I grew up in a close-knit community which was comprised of a diverse set of people. Now, what am I doing to go to the college I love so much. So far I have went through the school website. I am reading the clearadmit  Tuck guide. It’s a good and concise compilation of the information about the school. Stay tuned for a detailed review.


Kellogg Round1 done

I submitted the part 2 of the Kellogg application well within the first round deadline. Yaay!! <does the celebratory jump around dance>Yaay!!

It took two sleepless nights when I wrote draft after draft of the essays and my friend read each of them. He didn’t become immune to the essays and kept pointing out the flaws. Stinky….You are awesome. Right now, I am feeling a little hammered and am finding it difficult to follow people who speak fast. I even did a product demo this morning. Cracked a lot of jokes. They must be thinking that I am on crack.

This experience taught me that <essay lingo> one should never write an essay without writing an outline first. Yeah, do a lot of introspection. Paint a grand picture of yourself. Dig out the old appraisal forms you wrote, your old journals and even that big bundle of useless certificates. Make a list of events and see if they all say some common things about you. Make a list of people and think that what do they feel about you and find a theme there. Now, with your own image clear in your mind, attack the info about the school. Go through the website. Read your email interactions with alumni and current students. Don’t stop absorbing stuff about the school until you develop a “feel” for the school. You should have a fair idea of the curriculum, the remarkable faculty members, clubs and the teaching method of the school. Also, find out if there are certain things that the school is famous.

Now read through all the questions and first create a broad outline of the overall pitch. Then make the outlines for individual essays. Please write only when you are feeling like, i.e. when words are just flowing from your fingertips. Never ever write your essays if you have to drag through them. Please don’t put all your info out there in the essays. Put it in a list in bullet points.

Kellogg R1 Part1-Check

I submitted the Kellogg R1 application today. By now, I am kind of in love with the MMM program. The only things is, with Kellogg being my dream school and all, I am not sure if applying to it in the first round is a very smart decision. Kellogg’s will be the first interview for a bschool and that worries me. I have finalized my list for round 1 though. It’s MIT, Tuck and Kellogg. This may get trimmed down to 1 depending upon how my essays come out. My reviewers are not responding. All I have got are polite online acquaintances, who are not the best candidates for reviewing my essays as they won’t be able to fix the “whether it sounds like me” part. I really don’t like the idea of going to an admission consultant, and I don’t have $500 to dish out for that.

That said, I slipped by one day on my study for GMAT schedule. I should have been ready for it this weekend. There is one thing I really need to fix…the get it over with attitude while writing the test. I get so impatient….that I have like half an hour left when I complete the verbal section. It’s just dumb as finishing early doesn’t give me any browny points