Cornell keeps me hanging

Yeah….I always had hoped that I would be able to write this post with the subject Cornell calls. Alas! That could not be. They have wait listed me. This is such poetic injustice….I don’t get to be poetic in the subject lines of my post. Why Cornell why?? Why didn’t you shower relief to my life of endless fundraising anxiety. Why you had to add a new track to the ongoing grueling parallel processing in my life. (Geeks….u think this is a bad analogy…well….I am too slogged to care)

My plan was that if I get an admit from Cornell, I will jump around, do my happy dance, forget my worries of getting loans from India and be happy…..or if I get a ding from Cornell, I will go all out for fundraising for Tepper, continue my networking with potential recruiters and be happy. But turns out…I am not destined be happy in the near future. I have to slog through the three parallel processes of fundraising for Tepper, strengthening my candidacy for Cornell and maintaining my track record at work because in the worst case scenario, I may end up staying back. The thought is scary though. May be this is the training I need for an MBA. To get rid of all the rust I have gathered over the past four years of cool workplace coziness.

Anyways, I know that I had loopholes in my applications. I know I could have done a better job. But isn’t that always the case? I so wish I had met some awesome people (Cheetarah, PyaraPopat and my good friend Chicago) earlier. You guys are great and I really appreciate your help with reviewing the essays and all the encouragement to keep going.