Why Tepper rocks

There are a lot of reasons. Lets’s start with the one which prompted this post. They increased my scholarship. Yaay!! I just love people who give me reasons to do my happy dance in these times of fund-raising misery and mounting work pressure due to our upcoming product release. I got up at 2:30 AM in the night to randomly check my mails. This has become a weird habit after the months long admission cycle. I get up in the middle of the night to check my gmail and write down replies which I save as drafts and get proofread by friends in the morning (this is important people….never send mails that you have written in a groggy state). Well, I got up, opened my laptop and there it was….sitting in my inbox-

Dear ccatcher,

I hope this mail finds you well. The scholarship committee was able to meet regarding your request, and I am very happy to inform you that the…..

by the time I reached this point, I had started dancing around. Yaay!!

So much for the trigger for this post. Now let’s get down to business, i.e. why I think Tepper rocks-

Current Students- I have interacted with a lot of folks at Tepper by now….over phone, email, FB and blogs. They all are awesome people. What makes them great is the ability each individual has to make you feel comfortable and good about yourself. All my phone calls were scheduled in early morning time slots in IST. Not being much of a morning person, I received all the calls after being woken up by the ringing phone itself. You can imagine how I must have sounded on the phone (you got it right….like an incoherent mumbling imbecile). But the people on the other side of the phone were unbelievably graceful, even apologetic about having to call me that early in the morning. Where do you meet people like that? They are at the place I aspire to be at, are busy with their own MBA stuff, are doing me a huge favor by taking the time and then giving me a call and then they are apologetic about disturbing me?? I was completely humbled by this awesome attitude. Hats off guys!!

Faculty- I was introduced to one of the profs by a common friend. He wrote to me after the introduction email and told me about a lot of stuff at Tepper. He even went ahead and asked others for information so that he can answer my questions. Great….isn’t it?? Well, it doesn’t stop there. He finds out information about the opportunities at Tepper in the area I want to build a career in (which has nothing to do with his area of specialization). I get even more humbled and impressed. Bottomline…people at Tepper really care. As Buddha has said, “Caring for your fellow human beings can alleviate all the sorrows of the world.”

Adcom- They really are the best. My Tepper interview was the most enjoyable interview I have had till date. Interacting with the adcom people has been great. They promptly reply to the emails and really strive to help you out. Especially after the increased scholarship, I am totally in love with the Tepper adcom 🙂

Career Opportunities- For someone with career aspirations similar to mine, Tepper is the ultimate answer…the Zen of high-tech. For people looking out to decide on bschools, I strongly suggest having a look at the new curiculum and the numerous opportunities through the clubs. Will write a detailed post on this soon.

Till then…to all my fellow admits…happy fund raising !!


State of essays

It’s decided. Tuck goes to round 2. I haven’t developed a “feeling” for the school yet which is extremely important to me (yeah GMATters, I noticed…. “which” can refer to both “developing a feeling” and “the school” and I mean exactly that 😛 Both are extremely important to me…Tuck because it is such a pretty school with such nice people and such close community- all of which I totally dig…..and developing the feeling because how else am I supposed to write the endless essays, which will stretch way beyond the word limit. Then while cutting down the essays, my heart will break into a thousand pieces as I will have to scrap away story after story of my awesome life. God….do I transgress 🙂 ).

My friend and namesake reviewed my essays. She didn’t like the flow in essay 1. Provided some comments. I have incorporated them and now it seems to be better but still is 780 words long. 180 more to cut down which I am sure will be accomplished with “a little help from my friends”.
She liked my second essay but asked me to elaborate the “what I did” part. I did a good job with the elaboration but now just the two leadership stories with some random rant about the leadership skills I want to develop has gone to 1200. This needs a 50% compression. OMG….I am feeling claustrophobic.

Btw, in the MBA fair, I met this good guy who is also a Kellogg alumni. He told me that my 690 GMAT might be OK for Kellogg if write stellar essays. But the good lady from Rotman told me about the importance of a 700+ score for a scholarship. Now, since Tuck is anyways postponed, I will stick to the retake plan.