The break is over

Today is the last day of mini1 break. I am back to picking classes and syncing calendars. I loved the nice and relaxed break I had. I am still not in the all-set-for-the-cold-mini mode but I guess I will get there.

Today was a pretty uneventful day. I just went Halloween costume shopping with one of my classmates. I was not really looking for a costume so I just sat back and gave her feedback about the options she was considering. Then we went shoe shopping and I ended up buying just one pair of flats. We had lunch in Chipotle after long and loved it and then came back home. I tried on my new shoes and was devastated to find that they were a size too small. I guess I will return them when I will go shoes shopping again. I wrapped up the evening with a small workout and some intensive cooking. Now, I have to get to cleaning up my room and then I can call it a day.