Reporting from Foster City

Well, I have started my internship and it’s been almost a week already.  The first day was awesome and I enjoyed it.  Work is good and really cool. I love my office and I like spending time there. Apartment is not so great. My roommates have this insistent need to have long and loud conversations with their moms (or someone) in diverse languages. At times, this mini India experience is too much for me. I need some peace and quite to think about things and make grand plans.

That said, Foster City is a beautiful place and I love my time here. I love my morning walk to office. There are beautiful ducks in the lagoon along which I walk. One of them has some orangish thing stuck to its feathers. I click a picture every morning. Here are the pictures from yesterday and today. You can see the duck with the orange thing in the picture on the left.

2013-06-05 08.40.32 2013-06-06 08.29.55