Further action deferred till….

….I hear back from Kellogg. I am sick of imagining my reaction to all possible outcomes. I have skipped the second round for one of my safety schools. I am not gonna do any app related stuff apart from cyber stalking schools and fellow applicants.

How would I spend my time then??

Trying to get my running routine back on track and working extra hard to help my cause in the annual appraisal at work, which has been postponed by a couple of months. I have to convince my manager that I will continue my “stellar” work will late next year even if I get into a school.

My to do list for next few days-

  • Make an awesome running songs playlist and sync my ipod
  • Complete the prototype of my awesome idea
  • Buy groceries to enhance my crackers+coffee weekend diet
  • Visit sis over the weekend
  • Spend time with friends
  • Make my skin care routine official (start doing it)