Begin mini2

I know I haven’t been very regular with reporting from Tepper. But there is a reason for that. I haven’t been at Tepper for the last week. I was away walking the lands of New York and Boston in painful high heels because I forgot to take a change of flat shoes on Tepper Consulting Trek. It was a one week trek and we visited a bunch of companies. A good experience overall.

Let’s go back to the mayhem that happened before the trek aka finals. I had to study for the finals, think about a case competition and complete the corporate strategy paper with my team. The good news is that it’s all over and I sailed through them all. The bad news is that the weather is getting really bad because of Sandy and I don’t have an umbrella. First day of mini 2 and I braved through the rain to reach the optimization class on time. Optimization, at least in the first class didn’t seem to be as scary as it’s made out to be. Well, let’s just see how it unfolds itself.

And yes…I have this new time table which involves a lot of good things in a day. Stay tuned for updates on how it goes.