ClearAdmit Snapshot Review: Tepper School of Business

I just read the snapshot and the first thought was- Why didn’t I get this before my Tepper application. Not that I am complaining about the outcome of my Tepper application but it did take me some time to make a structure out of all the information I gathered. What the snapshot will do for you is give a basic understanding of the school which can work as the framework for all the information you will access through different resources.

It explains the curriculum very well which used to be the first thing I looked at while researching a school. I strongly feel that the snapshots will save you from the disorientation that happens with the information overdose midway through the application period. It will certainly help you get a feel about the school. Most importantly, it will give you ideas about the things that you should be seeking more information about.

That’s it for now. Happy apping people !!

PS:- And….the snapshots are for free

Clearadmit Tuck Guide Review

I submitted my Tuck application in the November round. Yesterday, I submitted the scholarship essay as well. I am just gonna explain that how did the Tuck guide help me.

When I start writing an app for a school there are three things that I need to be clear about-
-Where do I stand
-Where do I want to go
-Where does the school come in picture

The first questions were no problem for me as I had already done an application. It was the last question that I really needed help with. I can’t even start writing the essays until and unless I have developed a “feel” for the school. The “feel” takes two months to develop if left to its natural course. The natural course involves spending a lot of time on the school website, admissions blog and networking with current students and alumni.

Now, I didn’t have two months at my disposal. I started with reading the guide cover to cover twice. This built an initial perception of the school and also worked as a roadmap to browse through the school website, admissions and students blogs. I also got the points from the guide which I looked up in detail on the website.

The guide starts with a good summary of the history of the MBA program itself and the MBA at Tuck as well. I loved this part because it kind of completed the picture in my mind in terms of what was offered at the MBA program at Tuck. Then the information about the faculty, academics and clubs prompted me to dig deeper into the details and end up falling in love with the school. Mind you….the falling in love is very important before strating to write the essays. Please, don’t double time any school….DO NOT multi-process. Complete the essays for one school first and only then start the cycle for a second one.

Their guidance about the Tuck essays was also useful. I read it after having written my essays to validate if I went on the correct lines by myself.

In all, the clearadmit guide is an awesome option to start with if you already know about where you stand and what are you looking for. Please DO NOT copy any lines straight from the guide as it increases the chances of ypou having common lines with someone else’s essay a gazillion times.

After doing all this, if you still find it difficult to fall in love with the school, just google some images of the school and gaze at them for sometime. If you are looking for a good laugh, you can watch this .

Tuck app submitted in Nov round

Submitted the Tuck app just 15 minutes ahead of the deadline, Pffff!!!

Well, I must say that the Clearadmit Tuck Guide came in handy. Before starting the essays, I had read the guide cover to cover twice. It helped me frame out the essays in my mind. The information about the academics and faculty was very useful. For some information about the clubs, I went back to the school website for details. In all, Tuck app: Check

Belated happy diwali…….and Tuck

Dint go home this diwali because of the MIT deadline and then didn’t submit the MIT app in R1. There were multiple reason. The recommendations didn’t shape up on time as my recommenders were in the festive mood. Also, I hadn’t interacted enough with the school. So, I postponed the application to round 2. I have the essays kind of ready. Will send them to my reviewers soon.

All that said, I love Tuck….everything about it, especially the great sense of community. I grew up in a close-knit community which was comprised of a diverse set of people. Now, what am I doing to go to the college I love so much. So far I have went through the school website. I am reading the clearadmit  Tuck guide. It’s a good and concise compilation of the information about the school. Stay tuned for a detailed review.

A lot has happened….I am extremely short of time

It all o the evening of 30 August when after having submitted my resume to clearadmit, I got this mail for a telephonic conversation to evaluate my candidacy. I was told that as my experience is limited to the technical side with almost no business exposure, I don’t stand much chance. I, being my usual careless self had forwarded my usual job interview CV which was an extremely dumb thing to do. That aside, I was braindead by 11:30 pm, the scheduled time for the conversation. There was one strong feedback that I got. My 690 GMAT is not going to help my already week profile. I should write it again.

Obviously, I was extremely depressed by this conversation and lamented my worthlessness for two days.

So, now I have three tasks to take care of. Firstly, prepare for the GMAT and write it within a month. Complete my first set of essays and send it for review by 5 Sep 2011. Finally carry on my research on the basis of financial feasibility, aspiration match and the student body of the school. I have 30 schools listed on my excel sheet with umpteen color coding. I think I can write a good constraint solving algo to decide on the school (that’s how I stray from my path).

Well. what’s required is a lot of focus, I mean really a lot of focus and a huge amount of midnight oil to burn.